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Whether you have established a complete plant based (vegan) lifestyle or you are just exploring the benefits of a vegan diet, connecting with a therapist that understands the challenges and benefits is an important piece in the healing process. I have over 20years experience with living a vegan journey that is dedicated to compassion, wellness and sustainability.

Sometimes we are faced with changes in diet due to health concerns.  Other times one learns of alternative food choices that promotes new ways of looking at how food affects our sense of self and overall well-being.

Regardless of how you came to find yourself looking for someone who will support your journey around food and wellness, it is important to find someone who will listen to your needs and offer guidance rather than judgement.

You may be a vegan for many years and have found yourself experiencing anxiety, depression or a host of other symptoms.  This can be caused by many different influences, but you are finding it hard to express this to others because of rejection, disbelief or ridicule. I will offer you a space to express yourself without restricting your ability to fully communicate what is on your mind.  

Regardless of whether you are vegan for health or for animals, you deserve an opportunity to freely talk about what is concerning you, how that concern is affecting you and what you would like to see for yourself moving forward.  

As a licensed professional counselor, it is my joy to work with all people no matter where you find yourself in life.  I practice kindness, professionalism and integrity with each client and I am always available to help in the way that honors your journey.