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The process to finding the perfect fit between a clinical supervisor and the supervisee can take time.  This investment in time is well worth the pay off.  As you are working towards hours for graduation or licensure, you want to be guided by someone that you know is working to help you reach your goals towards growth and success.

As a clinical supervisor, I believe that the most effective approach is that of an integrative one.  In order for your clients to be fully served in the most ethical, effective and consistent way, your clinical supervision/guidance must be relevant, professional and held to the highest of standards.

As we begin the steps towards entering into a contract of supervision, both you and I will work towards creating an experience that is thought provoking, creative and up-to-date by all professional standards.

I believe that every individual person can reach his or her full potential with credible guidance that is authentic, intentional and allows for individual contributions. 

My experience involves working both in an agency as well as in private practice.  I work with children, adolscents, adults, couples and families.  The services, that I provide, include: play therapy, filial therapy, sand tray therapy, individual, couples and family therapy.

If you would like to find out more information on this service, please contact Gina Lisiecki LPC through the contact section above.  I look forward to answering your questions and setting up a time to discuss the potential of contracting as a clinical supervisor for your journey towards graduation and/or licensure.